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Faye Sinclaire Psychic is a phenomenally, uncanny, natural born psychic, clairvoyant medium, who also specialises in love astrology (Synastry), remote influencing, solutions to life and love challenges, and remote viewing, Faye is trained in remote influencing and remote viewing to advance level.

Faye is and expert in reuniting estranged loved ones, be they partners, wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, or fiance's and this is very successfully achieved by Faye, using her amazing and unique solutions.

Faye is very successful in resolving life and love challenges because she is qualified in many fields of expertise by way of unique specialist and diverse modalities. Faye continues to expand her knowledge base annually to add more power to what already is phenomenal.

Faye does not rely upon tools such as Tarot cards, her natural ability is phenomenally uncanny as is her accuracy which will astound you.

Faye is able to accurately predict times and dates and can even home in on the mind set and emotions of others to give greater depth and clarity very seldom found in a psychic clairvoyant medium.

If you want the truth and you want excellent value for your money then you have come to the right place!

* Please note that under UK law, psychic readings are classed as being for entertainment purposes only.

Faye Sinclaire Psychic Client Testimonials


Faye has read for people the world over.

Faye has over 35 years of professional expertise and is friendly and warm with a great passion for her 'vocation'.

Faye is always happy to receive your valued and cherished testimonials, since feedback is very important to Faye, your satisfaction in her work, is of paramount importance to her and always will be.

Most of Faye's cherished family of valued clients world wide, have been consulting Faye for many years now.

Feedback and testimonials are very important to Faye, because you are . Faye is a perfectionist in her work and likes to ensure that you are happy and completely satisfied with the quality of service and support you receive.

Here are just some of the testimonials received by Faye:

Carla Sutcliffe of Aylesbury. UK:

"Unbelievably helpful and accurate"!

Lindsey Bourne - Winchcome. UK:

"Words fail me - so accurate will ring you again"!

Alan Colquhoun - Ludwigsburg. Germany:

"Best DM100 I have ever spent"!

J Otley - Widnes. UK:

Excellent - and last time your predictions came true"!.

Mark Doughty - Southampton UK:

"Certainly very thorough and Impressive"!

Faye Sinclaire Psychic cost of consultations


Psychic readings, life coaching, stress counseling, life and love problem solving and love relationship mentoring consultations, DNA Activation to 12 strands, remote influencing, spiritual counseling, love astrology (Synastry), Soul Alignment and Switch wording are just some of the amazing services on offer from Faye who offers an exemplary service by telephone only, Faye does not read by email or via social media web sites..

Call Faye now on:


0207 060 7171

Outside UK:

+44 207 060 7171

Consultations cost just:

£25.00 for 20 minutes. Each additional minute costs £1.00.

All major credit/debit cards accepted.

Faye Sinclaire Psychic accepts all major debit and credit cards including American Express Amex

Faye is available from 1.00 pm right through to midnight - 7 days per week. Consultations are over the telephone.

*Please do not call outside of these hours, thank you.

Faye on Social Media 

Faye is on Social media too!

Be sure to check out Faye on Social media for interesting posts and news of exciting offers!

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